Kratom for Opioid Withdrawal: What You Need to Know

Woman taking prescription opioids, an addiction that Kratom Connect's products are presumed to help treat

In the U.S. and across the globe, opioid addiction is destroying careers, families, and lives. But what led to this epidemic, and how can we solve it? Beginning in the late 1990s, pharmaceutical companies informed the medical community that opioids were non-addictive — knowing this wasn’t true. As a result, physicians and medical professionals began […]

An Alternative to Pre-workout: How to Use Kratom

Weightlifter holding weight bar resting on the floor

Given kratom’s many proposed health benefits, it’s no surprise that athletes, fitness lovers, and bodybuilding professionals are increasingly turning to this natural substance to enhance their energy and performance before hitting the gym. As an alternative to the many pre-workout substances that once dominated the energy supplement market, kratom leaves are believed to hold significant […]

4 Best Kratom Strains for Energy: Your New Coffee Replacement

Worker at desk grabbing a cup of coffee in front of keyboard

Coffee is among the most popular sources of energy in many parts of the world, with 64% of Americans consuming the global commodity every single day. But the average “cup of joe” has some significant drawbacks, including harsh energy crashes and a high risk for caffeine dependency. In recent years, coffee enthusiasts have begun swapping […]

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